Table of Contents

Preliminaries; Contents; Preface; About the authors; 1 The origins of texturing; 2 Scientific and engineering principles in twist texturing; 3 Scientific and engineering principles in other texturing processes; 4 False twist process; 5 False twist textured yarns; 6 BCF processes and yarns; 7 Air jet texturing and yarns; 8 Quality assurance; 9 Textile yarn logistics; 10 Retrospect and prospect; Appendix 1 Textured condition reference chart; Appendix 2 Machine speed and general calculations; Bibliography; Index;. This book covers all the major techniques including twist texturing, jet-screen texturing, false-twist process, BCF processes and air-jet texturing in detail. It will be invaluable for yarn and fabric manufacturers, textile scientists and students on textile science and technology courses.