Table of Contents

Cover Page; Title Page; Dedication; Copyright Page; Preface; Contents; Introduction to the Second Edition; 1 Freewriting Exercises; 2 The Process of Writing--Growing; 3 The Process of Writing--Cooking; 4 The Teacherless Writing Class; 5 Thoughts on the Teacherless Writing Class; Appendix Essay: The Doubting Game and the Believing Game--An Analysis of the Intellectual Enterprise; Appendix. A Couple of Notes to Myself; Works Cited; A Few Books to Help with Correct Usage; Reminders to Keep in View During A Teacherless Writing Class; Footnotes. In Writing Without Teachers, well-known advocate of innovative teaching methods Peter Elbow outlines a practical program for learning how to write. His approach is especially helpful to people who get "stuck" or blocked in their writing, and is equally useful for writing fiction, poetry, and essays, as well as reports, lectures, and memos. The core of Elbow's thinking is a challenge against traditional writing methods. Instead of editing and outlining material in the initial steps of the writing process, Elbow celebrates non-stop or free uncensored writing, without editorial checkpoi.