Table of Contents

Resume preparation and interviewing.
Information to know.
Universal precautions against bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infections material.
Case law.
Legislation related to the profession of speech-language pathology.
Ethics in speech-language pathology.
Professional standards.
Clinical decision-making.
Goal setting.
Counseling patients and caregivers living with a communication disorder.
The supervisory process.
Time management.
Group dynamics.
Professionalism and conflict of interest.
Conflict resolution.
Stress and burn-out : how to recognize it and how to tackle it. Designed for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) in the workplace, this eminently practical book covers material often lacking in clinical preparation, including a review of the ASHA Code of Ethics and its relationship to various workplace settings; interpersonal skills including teamwork, time and stress management, conflict resolution, and burnout; supervision; personal liability; clinical decision making, legislation affecting service delivery, and client advocacy. Also included is a chapter on business practices.