Table of Contents

Introduction to physical chemistry : acids and bases, the gas laws and numerical and graphical problem solving.
Thermodynamics 1 : internal energy, enthalpy, first law of thermodynamics, state functions, and Hess's law.
Thermodynamics 2 : enthalpy, heat capacity, entropy, the second and third laws of thermodynamics, and Gibbs free energy.
Equilibrium 1 : introduction to equilibrium and Le Châtelier's principle.
Equilibrium 2 : aqueous solution equilibria.
Electrochemistry 1 : galvanic cells.
Electrochemistry 2 : electrolytic cells.
Chemical kinetics 1 : basic kinetic laws.
Chemical kinetics 2 : the Arrhenius equation and graphical problems. This product is not available separately, it is only sold as part of a set. There are 750 products in the set and these are all sold as one entity.