Table of Contents

Epidemiology / David Neary.
Economic burden / Richard J. Butler, William G. Johnson, and Timothy Gubler.
Employers' and survivors' perspectives / Ziv Amir, David R. Strauser, and Fong Chan.
Work disability : it is not just the "lesion" / Patrick Loisel.
The meaning of work / Guy Maytal and John Peteet.
Fatigue, pain, and physical function / Mary E. Sesto and Maureen J. Simmonds.
Cognitive limitations / Tracy Veramonti and Christina Meyers.
Young survivors of childhood cancer / Angela de Boer, Jos Verbeek, and Frank van Dijk.
Primary and occupational health care providers / Jos Verbeek, Angela de Boer, and Taina Taskila.
Rehabilitation / Michael J.L. Sullivan ... [et al.].
Workplace accomodations / Fong Chan ... [et al.].
Individuals with cancer in the workforce and their federal rights / Peter Blanck ... [et al.].
International efforts : perspectives, policies, and programs / Patricia Findley and Catherine P. Wilson.
Future research, practice, and policy.
Michael Feuerstein.