Table of Contents

Asymmetric changes in men's and women's roles / Barbara A. Gutek.
Women's lives complete : methodological concerns / Allison Tom.
Implications for employment intervention and policy / Diana L. Mawson.
Women in management : power and powerlessness / Nina L. Colwill.
Patterns of cultural awareness : coping strategies for women managers / Judi Marshall.
Examining gender in organizational relationships and technological change / Anne Statham.
Stress, coping, and social support among women managers / Karen Korabik, Lisa M. McDonald, and Hazel M. Rosin.
Social support and coping of employed women / Esther R. Greenglass.
Marriage matters : young women's health / Lois M. Verbrugge.
Perceived control and employed men and women / Catherine A. Heaney.
Cognitive appraisals and coping with stress / Bruce E. Compas and Pamela G. Orosan.
Evaluations of what's at stake and what I can do / Craig A. Smith.
Neglected methodological issues in employment stress / Elaine Wethington and Ronald C. Kessler.
A theoretical integration of women, work, and coping / Bonita C. Long and Sharon E. Kahn.