Table of Contents

pt. 1. Scripts of male dominance. The patriarchal family paradigm in eighth-century Japan / Hiroko Sekiguchi ; The last classical female sovereign: Kōken-Shōtoku Tennō / Joan R. Piggott ; Representation of females in twelfth-century Korean historiography / Hai-soon Lee.
The presence and absence of female musicians and music in China / Joseph S.C. Lam.
pt. 2. Propagating Confucian virtues. Woomen and the transmission of Confucian culture in Song China / Jian Zang ; Propagating female virtues in Chosŏn Korea / Martina Deuchler ; State indoctrination of filial piety in Tokugawa Japan: sons and daughters in the Official records of filial piety / Noriko Sugano.
pt. 3. Female education in practice. Norms and texts for women's education in Tokugawa Japan / Martha C. Tocco ; Competing claims on womanly virtue in late imperial China / Fangqin Du and Susan Mann.
pt. 4. Corporeal and textual expressions of female subjectivity. Discipline and transformation: body and practice in the lives of Daoist holy women of Tang China / Suzanne E. Cahill ; Versions and subversions: patriarchy and polygamy in Korean narratives / JaHyan Kim Haboush.