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Front Cover; Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook; Copyright Page; About the author; Preface; Acknowledgements; Contents; Chapter 1. Introduction; Chapter 2. Visual perceptions; Chapter 3. Olfactory sensations; Chapter 4. Taste and mouth-feel sensations; Chapter 5. Quantitative (technical) wine assessment; Chapter 6. Qualitative (general) wine tasting; Chapter 7. Types of wine; Chapter 8. Origins of wine quality; Chapter 9. Wine as a food beverage; Glossary; Index; Wine Tasting; One of the most respected professionals in the wine industry-Ron Jackson, author of Wine Science (now in its second edition)- covers all practical and theoretical aspects of wine tasting in his new book. It details the basic techniques used by professionals to sense all visual, gustatory, and olfactory wine properties (sight, taste, and smell). It also describes the physiologic, psychologic, and physicochemical origins of sensory perception and discusses wine types to illustrate the characteristic features that distinguish the majority of wines. A large portion of the book is dedicated to the.