Table of Contents

Whole person care / Tom A. Hutchinson.
Suffering, whole person care, and the goals of medicine / Eric J. Cassell.
The healing journey / Tom A. Hutchinson, Balfour M. Mount, and Michael Kearney.
The challenge of medical dichotomies and the congruent physician-patient relationship in medicine / Tom A. Hutchinson and James R. Brawer.
Separation-attachment theory in illness and the role of the healthcare practitioner / Gregory Fricchione.
Empathy, compassion, and the goals of medicine / Stephen Liben.
Mindfulness and whole person care / Patricia L. Dobkins.
Healing, wounding, and the language of medicine / Abraham Fuks.
Death anxiety: the challenge and the promise of whole person care / Sheldon Solomon and Krista Lawlor.
Whole person self-care: self-care from the inside out / Michael Kearney and Radhule Weininger.
Prevention and whole person care / Tom A. Hutchinson.
Whole person care and complementary and alternative therapies / Mary Grossman.
Spiritual dimensions of whole person care / Abdu'l-Missagh Ghadirian.
Whole person care and the revolution in genetics / David S. Rosenblatt and Jennifer Fitzpatrick.
Whole person care on a busy medical ward / Gordon L. Crelinsten.
Teaching whole person care in medical school / Helen McNamara and J. Donald Boudreau.
Whole person care, professionalism, and the medical mandate / Richard L. Cruess and Sylvia R. Cruess.
Whole person care: conclusions / Tom A. Hutchinson.
Appendix: the nature of persons and clinical medicine.