Table of Contents

List of contributors.
List of figures.
Series editor's preface.
Introduction : Nordic exceptionalism and the Nordic "others" / Kristín Loftsdóttir and Lars Jensen.
Colonial discourse and ambivalence : Norwegian participants on the colonial arena in South Africa / Erlend Eidsvik.
Colonialism, racism, and exceptionalism / Christina Petterson.
"Words that wound" : Swedish whiteness and its inability to accommodate minority e-experiences / Tobias Hübinette.
Belonging and the Icelandic others : situating Icelandic identity in a postcolonial context / Kristín Loftsdóttir.
Transnational influences, gender equality, and violence in muslim families / Suvi Keskinen.
Reading history through Finnish exceptionalism / Anna Rastas.
Danishness as whiteness in crisis : emerging post-imperial and development aid anxieties / Lars Jensen.
Breasts and boundaries / Serena Maurer & Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen.
Intimacy with the Danish nation-state : my partner, the danish state and I : a case study of family reunification policy in Denmark / Linda Lund Pedersen.
Aesthetics and ethnicity : the role of boundary-marking in contemporary Sámi and Tornedalian art / Anne Heith.