Table of Contents

When a gene makes you smell like a fish.
It takes two to tango.
The first gene.
Phenylketonuria and the first genetic test.
Maple syrup urine.
The Tangier Island gene.
The Celtic curse.
Metallic madness.
Just one bad apple--.
The long stretch gene.
The Dracula gene.
The expandable gene.
You can blame it on mom.
The gene that launched a revolution.
The fragile X.
The werewolf gene.
The cue ball gene.
Leaving an imprint.
Whither mom or dad gene.
The calico cat gene.
When a gene won't silence.
Just a little piece of the puzzle.
Speaking with a "forked tongue".
The cheeseburger gene.
The bitter gene, or the battle over broccoli.
The Schwarzenegger gene: from mighty mice to hulking human.
A performance gene.
An aging gene.
In the beginning--.
The cut-and-paste genes.
Jomon genes.
Survivors' benefit.
The pregnancy genes.
The "got milk?" gene.
Innate sensing genes.
The sidedness genes.
Epilogue: snippets of information reveal the whole?.
Appendix: a genetics primer.