Table of Contents

Introduction for the adults: how to use this book.
pt. 1. For kids.
Meet Jamie.
What causes dyslexia?.
One kind of dyslexia: trouble with sounds.
A second kind of dyslexia: trouble remembering how letters and words look.
A third kind of dyslexia: trouble finding words.
A fourth kind of dyslexia: mixed dyslexia.
People with dyslexia are smart and courageous.
Feelings, hard work, and bullies.
The end.
pt. 2. For kids and adults.
Answers to questions kids and parents might ask.
Two activities for parents and children to do together to work on reading and spelling.
Professional organizations. Praise for What is Dyslexia? :. ' & hellip;informative, based on the latest research and compassionate - three qualities that make this a must read for parents and children struggling with dyslexia.'. Paul M. Quinlan, Ph. D. from the Curtis Blake Center. Praise for An Introduction to Dyslexia for Parents and Professionals by the same author:. 'Hultquist writes in such measured, clear and uncluttered prose that no one can take the journey from diagnosis to remediation without feeling that one is in the hands of someone who really understands the issues surrounding a dyslexia diagnosis, not only for.