Table of Contents

A woman's trek : what difference does gender make? / Susan L. Blake.
Through each other's eyes : the impact of the Colonial encounter of the images of Egyptian, Levantine-Egyptian, and European women, 1862-1920 / Mervat Hatem.
The "passionate nomad" reconsidered : a European woman in L'Algérie française (Isabelle Eberhardt, 1877-1904) / Julia Clancy-Smith.
Crusader for empire : Flora Shaw/Lady Lugard / Helen Callaway and Dorothy O. Helly.
"Chathams, Pitts, and Gladstones in petticoats" : the politics of gender and race in the Ilbert Bill controversy, 1883-1884 / Mrinalini Sinha.
Cultural missionaries, maternal imperialists, feminist allies : British women activits in India, 1865-1945 / Barbara N. Ramusack. The white woman's burden : British feminists and "The Indian woman," 1865-1915 / Antoinette M. Burton.
Complicity and resistance in the writings of Flora Annie Steel and Annie Besant / Nancy L. Paxton.
The "white woman's burden" in the "white man's grave" : the introduction of British nurses in Colonial West Africa / Dea Birkett.
A new humanity : American missionaries' ideals for women in North India, 1870-1930 / Leslie A. Flemming.
Give a thought to Africa : Black women missionaries in Southern Africa / Sylvia M. Jacobs.
Shawls, jewelry, curry, and rice in Victorian Britain / Nupur Chaudhuri.
White women in a changing world : employment, voluntary work, and sex in post-World War II Northern Rhodesia / Karen Tranberg Hansen.