Table of Contents

The Way of the Five Elements: 52 weeks of powerful acupoints for physical, emotional, and spiritual health; Notes on the Text; Preface; Landscape of the Five Elements; How to use this book; The Five Element model; Origins of the Five Elements; Five Elements go West; Cycles of the Five Elements; Constitutional Element; Principle of resonance; Seasons; Senses; Colours; Sounds of voice; Odours; Emotions; Organs and officials; Point selection; Acupoints; Point names; Point selection; Treating points with acupressure; 1. Water; The nature of Water; Resonances of Water; Season: Winter. Location of Governing Vessel 16Jump up and touch the sky; Location of Gall Bladder 30; The spirit of Wood; Location of Bladder 47; Wood feeds Fire; Location of Liver 2; Transition from Wood to Fire; 3 Fire; The nature of Fire; Resonances of Fire; Season: Summer; Sense: Speech (Touch); Colour: Red; Sound: Laughing; Odour: Scorched; Emotion: Joy; Organs and officials; Mind your heart; Location of Heart 7; Choosing wisely; Location of Small Intestine 7; Steady as she goes; Location of Heart Protector 6; Guarding the frontier; Location of Triple Heater 5; Light my fire! Location of Heart Protector 8Stairway to heaven; Location of Small Intestine 3; A dyslexic guy walks into a bra; Location of Heart Protector 7; Shrugging off shoulder pain; Location of Small Intestine 10; All you need is love; Location of Conception Vessel 17; Healing trauma; Location of Bladder 43; The spirit of Fire; Location of Bladder 44; Transition from Fire to Earth; 4 Earth; The nature of Earth; Resonances of Earth; Season: Late summer and transitions; Sense: Taste; Colour: Yellow; Sound: Singing; Odour: Fragrant; Emotion: Sympathy and worry; Organs and officials. Sense: HearingColour: Blue (Black); Sound: Groaning; Odour: Putrid; Emotion: Fear; Organs and officials; Power source point; Location of Kidney 3; Regeneration mountain; Location of Bladder 60; Two extraordinary points; Location of Bladder 62; Location of Kidney 6; Lumba-go; Location of Bladder 23; Fire of the gate of life; Location of Governing Vessel 4; My Achilles is killing me; Location of Bladder 57; Bubbling spring; Location of Kidney 1; Holding up the heavens; Location of Bladder 10; Resurrecting spirit; Location of Kidney 24; The spirit of Water; Location of Bladder 52. Waking from hibernationLocation of Gall Bladder 25; Transition from Water to Wood; 2 Wood; The nature of Wood; Resonances of Wood; Season: Spring; Sense: Seeing; Colour: Green; Sound: Shouting; Odour: Rancid; Emotion: Anger; Organs and officials; Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver; Location of Liver 3; How flexible are you?; Location of Gall Bladder 34; Keep your shoulder well; Location of Gall Bladder 21; Neck release; Location of Gall Bladder 20; Gate of hope; Location of Liver 14; Tears of frustration; Location of Gall Bladder 41; Surviving the spring wind invasion.