Table of Contents

Invited Speakers and Oral Presentations. Complementary Aspects of Thermodynamics, Nonequilibrium Criteria, and Water Dynamics in the Development of Foods and Ingredients / M P Buera.
Water Mobility in Solid Pharmaceuticals as Determined by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Isothermal Sorption, and Dielectric Relaxation Measurements / S Yoshioka, Y Aso.
The Effect of Water and Fat Contents on the Enthalpy of Dissolution of Model Food Powders: A Thermodynamic Insight / A Marabi, A Raemy, A Burbidge, R Wallach, I S Saguy.
'Solvent Water' Concept Simplifies Mathematical Modeling in Fermenting Dough, a Multiphase Semisolid Food / S M Loveday, R J Winger.
Microdomain Distribution in Food Matrices: Glass Transition Temperature, Water Mobility, and Reaction Kinetics Evidence in Model Dough Systems / Y Kou.
Effect of Combined Physical Stresses on Cells: The Role of Water / J-M Perrier-Cornet, M Moussa, H Simonin, L Beney, P Gervais.
Soft Condensed Matter: A Perspective on the Physics of Food States and Stability / T P Labuza, T J Labuza, K M Labuza, P S Labuza.
Antiplasticization of Food Polymer Systems by Low Molecular Mass Diluents / C C Seow.
Freeze Drying of Si3: Focus on Water / A Schoug, J Schnurer, S H̄kansson.
Water-Sorption Properties and Stability of Inclusion Complexes of Thymol and Cinnamaldehyde with Cyclodextrins / P A Ponce, M P Buera, B E Elizalde.
Beyond Water: Waterlike Functions of Other Biological Compounds in a Waterless System / B R Bhandari.
Water Sorption and Transport in Dry, Crispy Bread Crust / M B J Meinders, N H van Nieuwenhuijzen, R H Tromp, R J Hamer, T van Vliet.
Water State and Distribution During Storage of Soy Bread with and without Almond / A Lodi, Y Vodovotz.
Phase Separation of Ice Crystals in Starch-Based Systems During Freezing and Effects on Moisture Content and Starch Glass Transition / T Tran, K Piyachomkwan, K Sriroth.
Carrot Fiber as a Carrier in Spray Drying of Fructose / K Cheuyglintase, K R Morison.
Taking the Measure of Water / David S Reid.
Rehydration Modeling of Food Particulates by Using Principles of Water Transport in Porous Media / I S Saguy, O Troygot, A Marabi, R Wallach.
Protein Hydration in Structure Creation / P J Lillford, A-M Hermansson.
Water Partitioning in Colloidal Systems as Determined by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance / P Chinachoti, P Chatakanonda.
Physical Changes in Confectionery Products Caused by the Availability of Water, with a Special Focus on Lactitol Crystallization / M H Lim, B Lampen, L F Siow, T Rades.
Entrapment of Probiotic Bacteria in Frozen Cryoprotectants and Viability in Freeze Drying / Y H Roos, K S Pehkonen.
Fracture Behavior of Biopolymer Films Prepared from Aqueous Solutions / I Yakimets, S S Paes, N Wellner, J R Mitchell.
The Plasticization-Antiplasticization Threshold of Water in Microcrystalline Cellulose: A Perspective Based on Bulk Free Volume / S P Chamarthy, F X Diringer, R Pinal.
Understanding the Role of Water in Nonaqueous Pharmaceutical Systems / B D Anderson, S S Rane, T-X Xiang.
Crystallization, Collapse, and Glass Transition in Low-Water Food Systems / Y H Roos.
Carbohydrates in Amorphous States: Molecular Packing, Nanostructure, and Interaction with Water / J Ubbink.
Ice Crystallization in Gels and Foods Manipulated by the Polymer Network / N Murase, S Yamada, N Ijima.
Marine-Inspired Water-Structured Biomaterials / A-M Hermansson, P Olofsson, S Ekstedt, M Pihl, P Gatenholm.
Poster Presentations. Another Unusual Property of Water: It Increases the Glass Transition Temperature of a Glassy Polymer / S P Chamarthy, R Pinal.
Molecular Mobility Interpretation of Water-Sorption Isotherms of Food Materials by Means of Gravimetric Nuclear Magnetic Resonance / W P Weglarz, M Witek, C Inoue, H Van As, J van Duynhoven.
Kinetics of Enthalpy Relaxation in Corn Syrup-Sucrose Mixtures / B R Bhandari, R W Hartel.
Development of a Novel Phase Transition Measurement Device for Solid Food Materials: Thermal Mechanical Compression Test (TMCT) / Y Liu, P Intipunya, T T Truong, W Zhou, B R Bhandari.
Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Molecular Mobility in Potato Systems in Relation to Nonenzymatic Browning / N C Acevedo, C Schebor, M P Buera.
Nonenzymatic Browning Reaction and Enthalpy Relaxation of Glassy Foods / K Tsuji, K Kawai, M Watanabe, T Suzuki.
Film-Forming Ability of Duck Egg White and Its Water-Vapor Barrier Property / W Garnjanagoonchorn, A Yimjaroenpornsakul, N Poovarodom, S Praditdoung.
Water-Vapor Permeability of Chitosan and Methoxy Poly(ethylene glycol)--poly(?-caprolactone) Blend Homogeneous Films / N Niamsa, N Morakot, Y Baimark.
Ice Formation in Concentrated Aqueous Glucose Solutions / P Thanatuksorn, K, N Murase, F Franks.
Effects of Sodium and Potassium Ions on the Viscosities in the Sodium/Potassium-Glucose-Water Ternary System / M Soga, K Kurosaki, K Kajiwara.
Comparison of Water Sorption and Crystallization Behaviors of Freeze-Dried Lactose, Lactitol, Maltose, and Maltitol / K Jouppila, M Lhdesmki, P Laine, M Savolainen, R A Talja.
Sorption Behavior of Extruded Rice Starch in the Presence of Glycerol / J Enrione, S Hill, J R Mitchell, F Pedreschi.
Water State and Mobility Affect the Mechanical Properties of Coffee Beans / P Pittia, G Sacchetti, P Rocculi, L Venturi, M Cremonini, M Dalla Rosa.
Effect of Water Activity on the Release Characteristics of Encapsulated Flavor / A Soottitantawat, H Yoshii, T Furuta.
Water and Protein Modifier Effects on the Phase Transitions and Microstructure of Mung-Bean Starch Granules / P Hongsprabhas, K Israkarn.
Evaluation of the Disintegration and Diffusion of Pharmaceutical Solid Matrices by Image Processing and Nonlinear Dynamics / D I Tillez-Medina, A Ortiz-Moreno, J J Chanona-Perez, L Alamilla-Beltrn, G F Gutierrez-Lopez.
Effect of Water Content on Physical Properties of Potato Chips / F Pedreschi, P Moyano.
Predicting Water Migration in Starchy Food During Cooking / S Thammathongchat, M Fukuoka, T Hagiwara, T Sakiyama, H Watanabe.
Nonenzymatic Browning May Be Inhibited or Accelerated by Magnesium Chloride According to the Level of Water Availability and Saccharide-Specific Interactions / P R Santagapita, S B Matiacevich, M P Buera.
Combined Effect of Cinnamon Essential Oil and Water Activity on Growth Inhibition of and and Possible Application in Extending the Shelf Life of Bread / S Nanasombat, N Piumnoppakun, D Atikanbodee, M Rattanasuwan.
From Water to Ice: Investigation of the Effect of Ice Crystal Reduction on the Stability of Frozen Large Unilamellar Vesicles / L F Siow, T Rades, M H Lim.
Does Microencapsulation Improve Storage Stability of Cloudberry () Ellagitannins? / P Laine, P Kylli, M Heinonen, K Jouppila.
Nonenzymatic Browning Reaction of Glassy Foods: Characterization of Local Reactions Independent of the Glassy Matrix / K Kawai, T Suzuki, K Kajiwara.
Physical Properties of Protein-Carbohydrate Sheets Produced by a Twin-Screw Extruder / R A Talja, K Pehkonen, K Jouppila, Y H Roos.
Thermal Transitions, Mechanical Properties, and Molecular Mobility in Cornflakes as Affected by Water Content / A Farroni, S B Matiacevich, S Guerrero, S Alzamora, M P Buera.
Texture of Glassy Tapioca-Flour-Based Baked Products as a Function of Moisture Content / R Kulchan, P Suppakul, W Boonsupthip.
Effects of Excipients on the Storage Stability of Freeze-Dried Xanthine Oxidase / P Srirangsan, K Kawai, N Hamada-Sato, M Watanabe, T Suzuki.
Water Properties in Bread Produced with an Innovative Mixer / E Curti, E Vittadini, A Di Pasquale, L Riviera, F Antoniazzi, A Storci.
Evaluation of Deformation and Shrinking of Potato Slabs During Convective Drying / R Campos-Mendiola, C Gumeta-Chavez, J J Chanona-Pěrez, L Alamilla-Beltrn, A Jimenez-Aparicio, G F Gutierrez-Lopez.
Effects of Different Cut-Induced Microstructural and Macrostructural Arrays on Convective Drying of Karw / C Gumeta-Chavez, J J Chanona-P̌rez, L Alamilla-Beltr̀n, G Calderon-Dom̕nguez, A Vega, P Ligero, J A Mendoza-P̌rez, G F Gutǐrrez-Lopez.
Study of White-Bread Structural Evolution by Means of Image Analysis and Associated Thermal History and Water-Loss Kinetics / A P̌rez-Nieto, J J Chanona-P̌erez, G Caldern-Dom̕nguez, R Farrera-Rebollo, L Alamilla-Beltrn, G F Gutierrez-Lopez.
Effect of Hydrothermal Treatment on the Rheological Properties of High-Amylose Rice Starch / P Khunae, T Tran, P Sirivongpisal.
Influence of Glass Transition on Oxygen Permeability of Starch-Based Edible Films / D Thirathumthavorn, S Charoenrein, J M Krochta.
Molecular Mobility and Seed Longevity in / M Castellin, S Maldonado, M P Buera.
Analyzing the Effect of Freeze-Thaw Cycle on the Off-Aroma of Pineapple by Using an Electronic Nose Technique / S Charoenrein, T Kaewtathip.
Water Uptake and Solid Loss During Soaking of Milled Rice Grains / P Chatakanonda, K Sriroth.
Microstructural, Physical, and Rehydration Properties of Maltodextrin Powders Obtained by Spray Drying / A L Munoz-Herrera, V Tejeda-Hernàndez, A Jim̌nez-Aparicio, J Welti-Chanes, J J Chanona-P̌rez, L Alamilla-Beltrn, G F Gutǐrrez-Lopez.
Nanostructures and Minimum Integral Entropy as Related to Food Stability / L A Pascual-Pineda, E Flores-Andrade, C I B Guevara, L Alamilla-Beltr̀n, J J Chanona-Pěrez, E Azuara-Nieto, G F Gutierrez-Löpez.