Table of Contents

Boasian ethnography and the German anthropological tradition.
The study of geography / Franz Boas.
Franz Boas and the Humboldtian tradition : from Volksgeist and Nationalcharakter to an anthropoligical concept of culture / Matti Bunzl.
From Virchow to Fischer : physical anthropology and "modern race theories" in Wilhelmine Germany / Benoit Massin.
German culture and German science in the Bildung of Franz Boas / Julia E. Liss.
The ethnographhic object and the object of ethnologoy in the early career of Franz Boas / Ira Jacknis.
"The culture as it appears to the Indian himself" : Boas, George Hunt, and the methods of ethnography / Judith Berman.
"The little history of pitiful events" : the epistemological and moral contexts of Kroeber's Calilfornian ethnologooy / Thomas Buckley.
Orientalism as Kulturpolitik : German archeology and cultural imperialism in Asia Minor / Suzanne Marchand. Franz Boas, the major founding figure of anthropology as a discipline of America, came to the United States from Germany in 1886. Though this fact is widely known, the significance of Boas' roots in German intellectual tradition and late nineteenth century German anthropology remains obscure. The essays in Volkgeist a Method and Ethic explore the Germanic influences on Boasian anthropology and clarify their implications for the ethnographic practice that Boas promulgated.