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""Cover""; ""Front Matter""; ""Contents""; ""Dedication""; ""Preface""; ""Glossary""; ""Chapter 1: Vitamin A Deficiency in Nineteenth Century Naval Medicine""; ""Night Blindness at Sea""; ""Night Blindness Linked to Other Diseases of Malnutrition""; ""Diagnosis and the Search for a Cause""; ""Something Missing from the Food""; ""References""; ""Chapter 2: Paris in the Time of FranÃois Magendie""; ""Different but Hardly Better""; ""Bad Gets Worse""; ""First Steps in the Science of Public Health""; ""Dâ€?Arcetâ€?s Gelatin for the Needy and the Dietary Nitrogen Studies of Magendie"" ""References""""Chapter 3: Deprivation Provides a Laboratory""; ""â€?A Defect in Alimentation. . .â€?""; ""Gains in Nutrition, Then a Disastrous Reversal""; ""References""; ""Chapter 4: Free but Not Equal""; ""Race and Rank: Differences in Diet and Susceptibility""; ""Uneven Nutrition outside the Union Army""; ""References""; ""Chapter 5: The Long, Rocky Road to Understanding Vitamins ""; ""Moving Beyond Old Assumptions and Around New Certainties""; ""Connecting the â€?Accessory Factorsâ€? and the Vitamin Deficiency Diseases""; ""Finding an Elusive Panacea in Milk"" ""Obstructions, Chicanery, and Perseverance""""Lafayette Mendelâ€?s Far-Flung Progeny and His Legacy""; ""References""; ""Chapter 6: Milk, Butter, and Early Steps in Human Trials""; ""The High Health Cost of a Booming Dairy Industry""; ""Milk Studies in Britain: Experiments in Experimentation""; ""Interference from Within and Without""; ""Lessons Learned""; ""References""; ""Chapter 7: Rise of the â€?Anti-Infective Vitaminâ€?""; ""Abating Childbed Fever: A Path with Forks and Obstacles""; ""A Gentle Warrior Confronts a Childrenâ€?s Predator""; ""A Vitaminâ€?s Short Stay at the Limelight"" ""References""""Chapter 8: Vitamin A Deficiency in Europeâ€?s Former Colonies""; ""Dutch Initiative versus the Free Market""; ""Health in the Developing World Becomes a Multinational Concern""; ""References""; ""Chapter 9: Saving the Children: Rescue Missions against Strong Undertow""; ""Ideals for a New Era""; ""The Best Laid Plans. . .""; ""Getting It Right and on the International Agenda""; ""External Obstructions""; ""Much Accomplished, More to Do""; ""More Vegetables and Fruit: Nice Idea, but. . .""; ""References"" ""Appendix: Night Blindness Among Black Troops and White Troops in the US Civil War""""Bibliography""; ""Manuscript Sources""; ""Published Sources""; ""Subject Index""; ""Cover""