Table of Contents

Cover; Contents; Introduction; 1 Chronic renal failure (CRF); 2 Renal biopsy; 3 Renal angiogram; 4 Assessment of acute renal failure; 5 Management of acute renal failure; 6 Nephrotic syndrome; 7 Renal bone disease; 8 Anaemia and EPO; 9 Peritoneal dialysis and catheter insertion; 10 Peritonitis and other problems with PD; 11 Vascular access for haemodialysis; 12 Complications of haemodialysis catheters; 13 Transplants; 14 Non-concordance with treatment; 15 Death and bereavement; Appendix: Hints on prescribing; Glossary of abbreviations; Further reading; Index; Vital Nephrology is a practical reference guide, which provides an invaluable companion for all renal unit health professionals. All the vital facts and figures about nephrology are set out clearly and concisely giving those in charge the confidence to know that their patients are getting the best advice on treatment and self-care.