Table of Contents

Foundations of oculofacial plastic surgery.
Chalazion incision and drainage.
Upper blepharoplasty.
Asian upper blepharoplasty.
Asian eyelid crease formation (double eyelid operation) by suture ligation method.
Revision of Asian upper eyelid crease.
Root Z-epicanthoplasty.
Mustardé's epicanthoplasty.
Transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty with fat redraping.
Transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty with orbitomalar suspension and fat redraping.
Ptosis repair by external levator advancement.
Ptosis repair by small incision external levator advancement.
Ptosis repair by conjunctival Müller's muscle resection.
Congenital ptosis repair by levator resection.
Frontalis suspension with silicone rod.
Repair of conjunctival prolapse.
Upper eyelid retraction repair.
Levator extirpation and frontalis suspension.
Upper eyelid loading with platinum weight.
Direct browplasty.
Internal browplasty.
Endoscopic browplasty.
Pretrichial browplasty.
Facelift by minimal access cranial suspension (macs).
Ectropion repair by retractor reinsertion and lateral tarsal strip.
Ectropion repair by medial spindle.
Ectropion repair with full thickness skin grafting.
Canthus sparing drill hole canthoplasty.
Entropion repair by transconjunctival approach.
Entropion repair by Wies procedure.
Entropion repair by posterior tarsotomy.
Epiblepharon repair.
Limited upper eyelid protractor myectomy.
Lower eyelid retraction repair with porcine acellular dermal collagen matrix.
Lower eyelid retraction repair with dermis fat.
Lower eyelid retraction repair with hard palate grafting.
Lower eyelid wedge resection and reconstruction.
Lower eyelid reconstruction with periosteal flap and upper eyelid rotational flap.
Lower eyelid reconstruction with semicircular flap.
Lower eyelid reconstruction with Hughes' tarsoconjunctival flap.
Lower eyelid reconstruction with Mustardé flap.
Lateral canthal reconstruction with rhomboid flap.
Upper eyelid reconstruction with cutler-beard flap and free tarsal graft.
Temporal artery biopsy.
Conjunctival pillar tarsorrhaphy.
Lateral tarsorrhaphy.
Autologous fat transfer to the tear trough.
Hyaluronic acid gel filler to the inferior periorbita.
Botulinum toxin treatment for lateral canthal rhytids (crow's feet).
Botulinum toxin treatment for glabellar rhytids.
Botulinum toxin treatment for forehead rhytids.
Thermal conjunctivoplasty.
Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy.
Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with osteotome.
Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with lacrimal sac biopsy.
Endoscopic revision of failed dacryocystorhinostomy.
Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with intranasal flap suturing.
Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with balloon dacryoplasty.
Endoscopic conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy.
Bicanalicular intubation with silicone stent.
Treatment of canaliculitis.
Silicone stent intubation with pigtail probe.
Snip punctoplasty.
Three wall orbital decompression.
Lateral orbitotomy with rim removal.
Inferior orbitotomy for cavernous hemangioma.
Orbital fracture repair.
Orbital floor reconstruction in silent sinus syndrome.
Transcaruncular approach to ethmoidal artery ligation.
Reposition of prolapsed lacrimal gland.
Optic nerve sheath fenestration.
Evisceration with orbital implant placement.
Enucleation and orbital implant placement.
Orbital exenteration.
Orbital implant exchange with dermis fat graft.
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