Table of Contents

Anatomy and embryology of cleft lip and palate.
General anesthetic considerations in cleft lip and palate surgery.
International surgical outreach initiatives : planning, execution, and safety.
The role of pediatric dentists and orthodontists in the presurgical treatment of infants born with cleft lip and palate.
Anthropometry : evaluation and planning.
Repair of the unilateral cleft lip deformity.
Repair of the bilateral cleft lip deformity.
Repair of incomplete cleft palate.
Repair of unilateral complete cleft palate.
Repair of bilateral complete cleft palate.
Repair of soft palate cleft and submucous cleft palate.
Repair of nasoalveolar clefts.
Secondary cleft lip rhinoplasty.
Orthognathic surgery in the cleft patient.
Revision cleft lip repair.
Revision cleft palate repair.
Evaluation and management of speech and resonance disorders.
Prosthetic rehabilitation for velopharyngeal insufficiency.
Surgical management of velopharyngeal insufficiency.
Superior pharyngeal flap.
Sphincter pharyngoplasty.
Furlow palatoplasty for the treatment of velopharyngeal insufficiency.
Posterior pharyngeal wall augmentation.
Revision velopharyngeal surgery. Video Atlas of Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery aims to demonstrate techniques to medical professionals worldwide who are involved in the care of cleft lip, cleft palate, and related abnormalities, such as velopharyngeal insufficiency. This concise resource reviews the most salient procedures and techniques covering cleft lip and palate cases, including the medical considerations surrounding these cases, namely maxillofacial, anesthetic, and speech considerations.