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Contents; Author's Note; Foreword; Introduction; Acknowledgements; 1 Vital Signs and Normal Values; 2 Simple Diagnostic Tests; 3 Behaviour and Restraint; 4 Veterinary Equipment; 5 Veterinary Medicines; 6 Vaccines; 7 Sedation, Field Anaesthesia and Euthanasia; 8 Nutrition; 9 Dentistry; 10 Hoof Conditions and Problems Within the Hoof Capsule; 11 Orthopaedics; 12 Wounds; 13 Respiratory, Cardiac and Circulatory Conditions; 14 Gastroenteric Conditions; 15 Neurological and Locomotory Conditions; 16 Eye Conditions; 17 Urinogenital Conditions; 18 Poisons; 19 Skin Conditions; 20 Harness and Tack Index There are an estimated 95 million equines working throughout the world, providing vital power and transport for many communities, especially in developing countries. Focusing on equines used to carry out working tasks such as pulling or carrying, this title details the treatment requirements to improve welfare of working horses, ponies, and mules.