Table of Contents

Introduction: Vertical Root Fractures in Dentistry.- Categorization of Dental Fractures.
Etiology of Vertical Root Fractures.
Diagnosis of Vertical Root Fractures.
Case Presentations of Vertical Root Fractures.
Pathogenesis of Vertical Root Fractures.
Treatment Alternatives for the Preservation of Vertically Root Fractured Teeth.- Management of the Infected Socket Following Extraction of Vertically Root Fractured Teeth.
Medico Legal Aspects of Vertical Root Fractures. In this book, leading experts provide a comprehensive overview of vertical root fractures (VRFs) in endodontically treated teeth, which may be associated with potentially severe damage to the supporting bone. A helpful categorization of the various tooth and root fractures is presented and etiological factors are identified, with discussion of anatomical and biomechanical aspects and the dynamics of root fracture. The clinical and radiographic features of VRFs are described and illustrated in detail in order to help the clinician to achieve accurate diagnosis in a timely manner. Management of the tooth and the socket after extraction is fully explained, and novel treatment alternatives for the preservation of VRF teeth are proposed. The book concludes by considering medicolegal aspects. Both endodontists and general dentists will benefit greatly from the guidance offered on the common and clinically challenging phenomenon of VRFs.