Table of Contents

VERBAL COMPLEMENT CLAUSES; Editorial page; Title page; LCC page; Dedication; Contents; Preface; Abbreviations and Symbols; 1. Perception Verbs and Generative Grammar; 2. Syntactic and Semantic Characteristics of Non-Finite Perception Complements in English; 3. The Structure of Direct Perception Complements; 4. The Event-Control Analysis; 5. Direct Perception Complements in Other European Languages; 6. Conclusion; References; Subject index; Author index; The Series LINGUISTIK AKTUELL/LINGUISTICS TODAY. This monograph examines the syntax of bare infinitival and participial complements of perception verbs in English and other European languages, and investigates the general conditions under which verbal complement clauses are licensed. The introductory chapter is followed by an overview of the major syntactic and semantic characteristics of non-finite complements of perception verbs in English. The third chapter presents an analysis within the framework of Chomsky's (1995) Minimalist Program according to which event-denoting complements are minimally realised as projections of an aspectual hea.