Table of Contents

TRP channels and human diseases / Bernd Nilius and Rudi Vennekens.
Role of TRP channels in pain : an overview / Arpad Szallasi.
Biochemical pharmacology of TRPV1 : molecular integrator of pain signals / Carol S. Surowy, Philip R. Kym, Regina M. Reilly.
TRPV1 genetics / Ruslan Dorfman ... [et al.].
TRPV1 and inflammatory pain / Anindya Bhattacharya, Sonya G. Lehto, and Narender R. Gavva.
Role of TRPV1 receptors in osteoarthritis pain / Shailen K. Joshi and Prisca Honore.
TRPV1 and bone cancer pain / Juan Miguel Jimenez-Andrade and Patrick Mantyh.
TRPV1 in visceral pain and other visceral disorders / Antonio Avelino and Francisco Cruz.
TRPV1 receptors and migraine / Philip R. Holland and Peter J. Goadsby.
TRPV1 in neuropathic pain, and neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders / Enza Palazzo ... [et al.].
Aryl-urea class and related TRPV1 antagonists / Arthur Gomtsyan.
2-pyridinylpiperazine carboxamide class and related TRPV1 antagonists / Natalie A. Hawryluk and Nicholas I. Carruthers.
TRPV1 agonist approaches for pain management / Keith R. Bley.
The TRPV1 channel in normal thermoregulation : what have we learned from experiments using different tools? / Andras Garami ... [et al.].
Role of TRPV1 in respiratory diseases / Serena Materazzi ... [et al.].
Role of TRPV1 in diabetes / Hubert Tsui ... [et al.]. This book discusses recent advances in biology, chemistry, and pharmacology at both the preclinical and clinical stage of transient receptor potential vanilloid subtype 1 (TRPV1) drug discovery research. Chapters explore the impact and drug targeting of TRPV1 in inflammation, migraine, arthritis, and cancer; as well as the development of analgesic drugs. The TRPV1 receptor is not limited to pain only, and the book covers its role in chronic cough, bladder disorders, and asthma. The book features data relevant to the therapeutic potential of TRPV1 and the medicinal chemistry involved in designi.