Table of Contents

Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Prefatory Note; Prologue Five Assumptions; 1 cAlqamah's Petition for the Release of his Brother Sha's; 2 Love's 'Wonderful Workynge'; 3 Marital Bliss and Acrimonious Divorce; 4 The Bull Oryx; 5 An Arab at Sea: A Poem by Bishr b. Abī Khāzim al-Asadī; 6 Poetry in the Early Islamic Period; Epilogue A Manifesto; Bibliography; Indices A study of the tradition and practice of early Arabic poetry, this book provides an investigation of the multiple versions of early poems that exist in various Abbasid collections. It offers a corrective to the more exaggerated claims concerning this poetry and revises some hitherto fundamental attitudes by advancing an individual philologically-driven vision of the period.