Table of Contents

Title Page; Contents; Acknowledgements; Part I.
The Road to Compulsion; 1: The Byzantine Operation; 2: The Small Pockes; 3: The Engrafted Distemper; 4: The Language of Figures; 5: The Suttonian System; 6: The Great Benefactor; 7: The Speckled Monster; 8: The Three Bashaws; 9: A Competent and Energetic Officer; 10: Formidable Men; 11: The Present Non-System; 12: Toties Quoties; 13: Crotchety People; Part II.
The Reign of Compulsion; 14: A Loathsome Virus; 15: A Cruel and Degrading Imposture; 16: Ten Shillings or Seven Days; 17: Death by Non-Vaccination; 18: The Great Pox. Smallpox was for several centuries one of the most deadly, most contagious and most feared of diseases, which goes some way towards explaining the controversy that surrounded nineteenth-century efforts to eradicate it. On one side were the authorities and medical men who were keen to put an end to the widespread ravages of smallpox by the most expedient means, while on the other side were ranged those parents who objected to the compulsory infliction on their children of a procedure that had no absolute guarantee of success, and that represented a gross invasion of private life. In this book.