Table of Contents

PART 1: FUNDAMENTALS Chapter 1 Elements of the Immune System and Concepts of Intraocular Inflammatory Disease Pathogenesis PART 2: DIAGNOSIS Chapter 2 Medical History in the Patient with Uveitis Chapter 3 Examination of the Patient with Uveitis Chapter 4 Development of a Differential Diagnosis Chapter 5 Diagnostic Testing Chapter 6 Evidence-Based Medicine in Uveitis PART 3: MEDICAL THERAPY AND SURGICAL INTERVENTION Chapter 7 Philosophy, Goals, and Approaches to Medical Therapy Chapter 8 Role of Surgery in the Patient with Uveitis PART 4: INFECTIOUS UVEITIC CONDITIONS Chapter 9 Bacterial and Fungal Diseases Chapter 10 Spirochetal Diseases Chapter 11 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Chapter 12 Acute Retinal Necrosis and Progressive Outer Retinal Necrosis Chapter 13 Other Viral Diseases Chapter 14 Ocular Toxoplasmosis Chapter 15 Ocular Histoplasmosis Chapter 16 Toxocara canis Chapter 17 Onchocerciasis and Other Parasitic Diseases Chapter 18 Postsurgical Uveitis PART 5: UVEITIC CONDITIONS NOT CAUSED BY ACTIVE INFECTION Chapter 19 Anterior Uveitis Chapter 20 Scleritis Chapter 21 Intermediate Uveitis Chapter 22 Sarcoidosis Chapter 23 Sympathetic Ophthalmia Chapter 24 Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Syndrome Chapter 25 Birdshot Retinochoroidopathy Chapter 26 Beḣet₂ . Uveitis is the comprehensive reference you need for a balanced approach to basic science and clinical application. Robert B. Nussenblatt and Scott M. Whitcup provide a cohesive and integrated discussion of the topic, covering everything from the role of surgery to AIDS to anterior uveitis and more. This new edition even includes full color throughout, 400 photographs and illustrations, and searchable access to the text online at Comprehensive yet readable, this resource packs everything you need in patient evaluation and management to achieve optimal results. Covers the medical, pharmacological, and surgical treatment of uveitis to serve as a complete overview of all uveitis related information. Features multiple chapters on diagnostic approach to help you overcome challenges in making accurate diagnoses. Provides additional information on inflammatory eye diseases in chapters on scleritis, masquerade syndromes, and the role of inflammation in other ocular diseases for more comprehensive coverage. Includes illustrated case studies to supplement major clinical points and provide insight into real situations that you can apply in practice. Highlights important information in key points boxes that make it easy to locate crucial points on each topic.