Table of Contents

Definitions, classifications, and antibiotics.
Diagnosis and management of infections of the urinary tract.
Clinical dilemmas.
Tuberculosis, AIDS, and other uncommon urinary tract infections.
Urinary tract infection in diabetic patients.
Catheter-associated urinary tract infections.
Complementary therapy strategies: myths, facts, and lifestyle.
A look to the future. The causative organisms of Urinary Tract Infection are dynamic in terms of their virulence and resistance patterns, leading to challenges in the prevention and treatment of urinary infection. This is of relevance in both primary and secondary care, and many of the challenges are similar in both developed and developing countries alike. UTI is also associated with considerable cost in terms of morbidity, economic and research expenditure. Written by an exceptional and well-known team of clinical experts, the purpose of Urinary Tract Infections addresses key questions facing physicians about this condition. This book is written primarily for general physicians who wish to have a broad understanding of a number of important issues concerning infection in parts of the urinary tract. Specialists may also find the book useful as a quick reference guide.