Table of Contents

Book Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Authors and contributors; Forword; Introduction; 1. Understanding distress; 2. Women's role and identity; 3. The development of feminine identity and sexuality; 4. On becoming a mother; 5. Bonding and rejection; 6. Hungry womanhood; 7. Womanhood despoiled; 8. Lesbian womanhood; 9. Childless womanhood; 10. Barren womanhood; 11. Motherhood thwarted; 12. Motherhood bereft; 13. Motherhood disappointed; 14. Motherhood depressed; 15. Perverse womanhood; 16. Bereft womanhood; 17. Pairing and parting; 18. Single motherhood; 19. Stepmotherhood. Women are more likely to seek help from professionals when in times of distress. Therefore the response they recieve from the professionals is vital in determining the best outcome for them. This book provides the understanding they need.