Table of Contents

Understanding the Gift of Communion1.
Introduction 5.
Claiming the Gift of Communion in a Fragmented World 9 / Martin Junge.
Where is the Church? 17 / Allen G. Jorgenson.
Understanding Ecclesial Communion: A Survey of Documents Arising from Ecumenical Dialogues of the Lutheran World Federation 29 / Minna Hietamäki.
What do Autonomy and Accountability Mean in the Relationships Among Churches? 53 / Hance A. O. Mwakabana.
The Self-understanding of the Lutheran Communion: A Malaysian Perspective 59 / Thu En Yu.
Dealing with Difference in Communion Relationships 69 / Elisabeth Parmentier.
Faith, Culture and Power: Communio and the Church's Mind 85 / Guillermo Hansen