Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Global health: past, present, and future.
Chapter 2. The global burden of disease.
Chapter 3. Epidemiology, biostatistics, and surveillance.
Chapter 4. The health of women/mothers and children.
Chapter 5. Human trafficking.
Chapter 6. Environmental health in the global context.
Chapter 7. Nutrition.
Chapter 8. Primary care in global health.
Chapter 9. Malaria.
Chapter 10. Tuberculosis and hiv/aids.
Chapter 11. The neglected tropical diseases.
Chapter 12. Emerging diseases and antimicrobial resistance.
Chapter 13. Injury and global health.
Chapter 14. Surgical issues in global health.
Chapter 15. Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.
Chapter 16. Aging populations and chronic illness.
Chapter 17. Global mental health: the world mental health surveys perspective.
Chapter 18. Global health communications, social marketing, and emerging communication technologies.
Chapter 19. Economics and global health.
Chapter 20. Health systems, management, and organization in global health.
Chapter 21. Global health ethics.
Chapter 22. Education and careers in global health.