Table of Contents

Eating disorders : diagnosis, epidemiology, etiology and prevention / Yael Latzer, Joav Merrick and Daniel Stein.
Why DSM V needs to consider a staging model for anorexia nervosa / Sarah Maguire ... [et al.].
Night eating syndrome / Yael Latzer ... [et al].
Clinical and diagnostic characteristics of eating disorders in children and adolescents / Jenny Nicholson and Dasha Nicholls.
A historical background to current formulations of eating disorders / Eliezer Witztum, Yael Latzer, and Daniel Stein.
Eating disorders : global marker of change / Melanie A Katzman.
Eating-related psychopathology in Israel : nationwide perspectives and focusing on specific populations / Yael Latzer, Eliezer Witztum and Daniel Stein.
A historical, cultural, and empirical look at eating disorders and religiosity among Jewish women / Sarah L Weinberger-Litman, Yael Latzer, and Daniel Stein.
Eating disorders in the mediterranean world / Giovanni M. Ruggiero and Sandra Sassaroli.
Genetic aspects of anorexia nervosa / Andrea Poyastro Pinheiro, Tammy Root, and Cynthia M. Bulik.
The neurobiology of eating disorders / Guido K.W. Frank and Leah M. Jappe.
Hemispheric asymmetry in eating disorders / Zohar Eviatar and Yael Latzer.
Self psychology in the treatment of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa / Eytan Bachar and Yekutiel Samet.
Implicit measures : implicit personality characteristics and implicit processes in eating disorders / Lily Rothschild-Yakar and Daniel Stein.
Cognitive orientation and eating disorders / Shulamith Kreitler.
Perspectives on the role of families in the development, maintenance and treatment of eating disorders : from blame to empowerment / Alison Darcy and James Lock.
The case for universal-selective eating disorders prevention programs / Michael P. Levine and Linda Smolak.
Parenting teens with a healthy body and a healthy body image / Dianne Neumark-Sztainer.
Parenting and children's eating patterns : examining control in a broader context / Sheryl O. Hughes, Teresia M. O'Connor, and Thomas G. Power.
Cultural sensitivity and eating disorders primary prevention : the adaptation of an effective primary prevention program for Jewish girls / Catherine Steiner-Adair.