Table of Contents

First-trimester detection of fetal anomalies.
Fetal aneuploidies.
Routine fetal anomaly scan.
Amniotic fluid.
Disorders of the placenta : localization and placental attachment disorders.
Prenatal diagnosis of fetal infections.
Fetal anomalies: the geneticist's approach.
Diagnosis of hydrops and multiple malformation syndromes.
Assessment of twin gestation.
Fetal growth.
Cranial abnormalities.
Diagnosis of spina bifida and other dysraphisms in the fetus.
Abnormalities of the face and neck.
Cardiac abnormalities and arrhythmias.
Pulmonary abnormalities.
Skeletal abnormalities.
Abdominal and abdominal wall abnormalities.
Urinary tract abnormalities.
Haematological disorders.
Fetal tumours.
Fetal magnetic resonance imaging.
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