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Title Page; Copyright Page; Acknowledgments; Book 1: Fall 2000; Calhoun City; One; Two; Three; Four; Five; Six; Seven; Eight; Nine; Book 2: April 2001; East of Troost; Ten; Eleven; Tweleve; Thirteen; Fourteen; Fifteen; Sixteen; Seventeen; Eighteen; Nineteen; Twenty; Twenty-One; Twenty-Two; Twenty-Three; Twenty-Four; Life takes a strange turn when Richard Allan Gordon, thirty years old and as white as they come, discovers that, as a result of identity theft, five-year-old Jada Reece Gordon bears his name. The product of a middle-class Jewish upbringing, Richie finds himself completely in love and lust with Jada's mother, LaTisha, a twenty-five-year-old African American nursing student, and longs to be a father to her child. Richie and LaTisha's story takes place at the intersection of love, race, and identity, as the couple is forced to examine their relationship in light of the terrible event that takes.