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The Turns of Translation Studies; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; dedication page; Table of Contents; Preface; Introduction; 1. Translation Studies; 2. The cultural turn of the 1980s; 3. The "interdiscipline" of the 1990s; 4. The turns of the 1990s; 5. At the turn of the millenium; 6. Translation studies.
future perspectives; References; Subject index; Author index; The series Benjamins Translation Library. What's new in Translation Studies? In offering a critical assessment of recent developments in the young discipline, this book sets out to provide an answer, as seen from a European perspective today. Many "new" ideas actually go back well into the past, and the German Romantic Age proves to be the starting-point. The main focus lies however on the last 20 years, and, beginning with the cultural turn of the 1980s, the study traces what have turned out since then to be ground-breaking contributions (new paradigms) as against what was only a change in position on already established territory (s.