Table of Contents

Imaging tumors of the lung and pleura.
Staging of thoracic malignancies : a surgeon's perspective.
Non-small cell carcinomas of the lung.
Salivary gland-type tumors of the lung.
Neuroendocrine tumors of the lung.
Biphasic tumors of the lung.
Mesenchymal tumors of the lung.
Vascular tumors of the lung.
Lung tumors derived from presumed ectopic tissues.
Lymphoproliferative tumors of the lung.
Lung tumors of uncertain histogenesis.
Benign tumors and tumor-like lesions of the lung.
Tumors of the pleura.
Clinical management of lung cancer.
Handling and grossing of larger cases. Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions of the Lung and Pleura is a superb visual resource that brings the state-of-the-art in thoracic diagnosis straight to the lab bench. Cesar A. Moran and Saul Suster are internationally recognized experts in pulmonary pathology who present a coherent and consistent approach to interpretation and diagnosis. Through more than 900 stunning photographs and a consistent, user-friendly format, this resource provides quality guidance on the diagnostic problems you face in everyday practice. You'll get a host of innovative, practice-oriented features unavailable in any other text that streamline and facilitate diagnostic decision-making. Written by practitioners for practitioners, this visual resource is designed for quick and easy use. You can₂