Table of Contents

1. Tuberculosis and Its Histories: Then and Now / Linda Bryder, Flurin Condrau and Michael Worboys.
2. Lay Disease Narratives, Tuberculosis, and Health Education Films / Tim Boon.
3. Targeting Patient Zero / David S. Barnes.
4. Beyond the Total Institution: Towards a Reinterpretation of the Tuberculosis Sanatorium / Flurin Condrau.
5. Great White Plague Turns Alien: Tuberculosis and Immigration in Australia, 1901-2001 / Alison Bashford.
6. Importation, Deprivation, and Susceptibility: Tuberculosis Narratives in Postwar Britain / John Welshman.
7. Before McKeown: Explaining the Decline of Tuberculosis in Britain, 1880-1930 / Michael Worboys.
8. "The right not to suffer consumption": Health, Welfare Charity, and the Working Class in Spain during the Restoration Period / Jorge Molero-Mesa.
9. Lobbying and Resistance with regard to Policy on Bovine Tuberculosis in Britain, 1900-1939: An Inside/Outside Model / Peter J. Atkins.
10. At Home in the Colonies: the WHO-MRC Trials at the Madras Chemotherapy Centre in the 1950s and 1960s / Helen Valier.