Table of Contents

Introduction: Tribe, class, and nation in Turkmenistan.
Sources of identity among the Turkmen.
Assembling the nation: the creation of a Turkmen National Republic.
Ethnic preferences and ethnic conflict: the rise of a Turkmen national elite.
Helpers, not nannies: Moscow and the Turkmen communist party.
Dueling dialects: the creation of a Turkmen language.
A nation divided: class struggle and the assault on "tribalism".
Cotton and collectivization: rural resistance in Soviet Turkmenistan.
Emancipation of the unveiled: Turkmen women under Soviet rule.
Conclusion: From Soviet republic to independent nation-state. In 1917 Turkmenistan was a vague collection of semi-nomadic tribes under Russian domination. This book explores the creation of a Turkmen nation, partly Soviet policy & partly the evolution of indigenous notions of identity. The author offers a scholarly analysis of Soviet nation building in Asia.