Table of Contents

Global mental health in war-affected communities / Kathleen Allden.
Burmese sanctuary-seekers and migrants in Thailand : policies, experiences, and prospects / Christina Fink.
Assessments and interventions : strengths-based approaches in contexts of displacement / Nancy Murakami and Thandar Shwe.
Community-based mental health and psychosocial assistance / Whitney Haruf, Jessica Bowes, Naw Dah Pachara Sura, and Kathleen Allden.
Discovering culturally appropriate psychosocial care for children and young people / Derina Johnson, Liberty Thawda, Sid Mone Thwe, and Hay Mar San.
Gender-based violence : realities, challenges, and solutions from a refugee camp context / Abigail Erikson, Kristin Kim Bart, and Moe Moe Aung.
Substance use, conflict, and displacement / Lucinda Lai, Naw Dah Pachara Sura, and Kenneth Curry.
Vulnerable populations : chronically ill individuals, people living with HIV, women with reproductive health concerns, land mine victims, and former political prisoners / Meredith Walsh, Aung Khaing Min, Saw Than Lwin, and Saw Ku Thay.
Vicarious traumatization and resilience of health workers / Andrew George Lim and Eh Kalu Shwe Oo.
Parallel process as a learning tool in clinical supervision within a traumatized community : case examples from the Burma border / Sarah Gundle.
Program evaluation and research / Catherine Lee, Courtland Robinson, Kyaw Soe Win, and Paul Bolton.
The other side of political trauma : protest, empowerment, and transformation / Khin Ohmar and Mary O'Kane.