Table of Contents

Translation as institution / Theo Hermans.
The "death" of the author and the limits of the translator's visibility / Rosemary Arrojo.
Pour une sociologie de la traduction: le cas de la litterature americaine traduite en France apres la Seconde Guerre mondiale (1945-1960) / Jean-Marc Gouanvic.
Translation as imposition vs. translation as requisition / Cay Dollerup.
The impressionistic approach to translation theorizing, or: Twentieth-century Chinese ideas of translation through the Western looking-glass / Leo Tak-hung Chan.
Transgression and circumvention through translation in the Philippines / Ubaldo Stecconi and Maria Luisa Torres Reyes.
A call for descriptive Translation Studies on the Turkish tradition of rewrites / Saliha Paker and Zehra Toska.
Translating plays or baking apple pies: A functional approach to the study of drama translation / Sirkku Aaltonen.
Translation strategies and the reception of drama performances: a mutual influence / Marta Mateo. This selection of 30 contributions (3 workshop reports, 27 papers from 14 countries) concentrates on intercultural communication in its broadest sense: themes vary from dissident translation under the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines and translation as a process of power in the 3rd world context to drama translation and the role of the cognitive sciences in translation theory. Topics of current interest such as media interpreting, news translation, advertising, subtitling and the ethics of translation have a prominent position, as does the Workshop 'Contact as Conflict' which discusses t.