Table of Contents

Translation as a Profession; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Table of contents; Foreword; Translation; An overview; Categories of translation; The translation process from A to Z; The translating profession; The translating profession; Becoming a translator; Should I or shouldn't I?; The die is cast!; Here we go!; Being a translator; Of time and money; Living in a crowd; Professional ethics; Certification; Recognition; Evolutions and revolutions; From P & P to WS & ATT; From manual to automatic; From craft to industry; From the village to the globe; Training translators Translation as a profession provides an in-depth analysis of the translating profession and the translation industry. The book starts with a presentation of the diversity of translations and an overview of the translation-localisation process. The second section describes the translation profession and the translators' markets. The third section considers the process of 'becoming' a translator, from the moment people find out whether they have the required qualities to the moment when they set up shop or find a job, with special emphasis on how to find and hold on to clients, avoiding basic mi.