Table of Contents

Enhancing cultural changes by means of fictitious translations / Gideon Toury.
Translation and cultural transformation : the case of the Afrikaans bible translations / Jacobus A. Naudé.
Cultural borderlands in China's translation history / Eva Hung.
Translating China to the American South : Baptist missionaries and Imperial China, 1845-1911 / Ray Granade and Tom Greer.
Translating the concept of "identity" / Eva Richter and Bailin Song.
Translation and national cultures a case study in theatrical translation / Alain Piette.
The reconceptualization of translation from Chinese in 18th-century Japan / Judy Wakabayashi.
Translationese in Japan / Yuri Furuno.
The selection of texts for translation in postwar Japan : an examination of one aspect of polysystem theory / Noriko Matsunaga-Watson --Translation in transition : variables and invariables / Lin Wusun.
On annotation in translation / Han Jiaming. History tells us that translation plays a part in the development of all cultures. Historical cases also show us repeatedly that translated works which had real social and cultural impact often bear little resemblance to the idealized concept of a 'good translation'. Since the perception and reception of translated works.
as well as the translation norms which are established through contest and/or consensus.
reflect the concerns, preferences and aspirations of their host cultures, they are never static or homogenous even within a given culture. This book is dedicated to exploring some of th.