Table of Contents

Trans fatty acid effects on cardiovascular disease : animal and human studies / Shirley C. Chen, David Kritchevky, David J. Baer.
Trans fats and cancer / David Kritchevsky.
Safety and efficacy of conjugated linoleic acid / Michael W. Pariza and Martin P. Yurawecz.
Metabolism of trans and cis fatty acid positional isomers compared to non-isomeric fatty acids / Edward Emken.
Ruminant trans fatty acids : composition and nutritional characteristics / Peter Huth.
Consumption of trans fatty acids in North America / Margaret Craig-Schmidt.
Zero/low trans margarine, spreads, and shortening / Gary List and Ted Pelloso.
Labeling of trans fatty acids / Julie Schrimpf-Moss and Virginia Wilkening.
Analysis and characterization of trans isomers by silver-ion HPLC / Rich Adlof and Gary List.