Table of Contents

Congenitally blindness and spatial mental imagery / Cesare Cornoldi, Maria-Chiara Fastame and Tomaso Vecchi.
Intermodel relations in infancy / Arlette Streri.
Intermodal coordinations in children and adults / Yvette Hatwell.
Tactile exploration in nonhuman primates / Agnès Lacreuse and Dorothy M. Fragaszy.
Braille: issues on structure, teaching and assessment / Michael J. Tobin, John Greaney and Eileen Hill.
The tactile reading of maps and drawings, and the access of blind people to works of art / Yvette Hatwell and Françoise Martinez-Sarrochi.
Sensory substitution: limits and perspectives / Charles Lenay ... [et al.].
New technologies empowering visually impaired people for accessing documents / Dominique Burger. Introduction: touch and cognition / Yvette Hatwell.
General characteristics of the anatomical and functional organization of cutaneous and haptic perceptions / Edouard Gentaz.
Anatomical and functional organization of cutaneous and haptic peceptions: the contribution of neuropsychology and cerebral functional imagery / Edouard Gentaz and Maryse Badan.
Manual exploration and haptic perception in infants / Arlette Streri.
Manual exploratory procedures in children and adults / Yvette Hatwell.
Handedness and manual exploration / Arlette Streri.
The haptic identification of everyday life objects / Roberta Klatzky and Susan Lederman.
Haptic processing of spatial and material object properties / Edouard Gentaz and Yvette Hatwell.
Haptic perceptual illusions / Morton A. Heller