Table of Contents

Necessary basics: elements, isotopes, ions, chemical reactions, energy metabolism, and bacterial structures.
Photosynthesis and sucrose production.
The connective tissue extracellular matrix and its major components.
Fibrillar and non-fibrillar collagens and integrins.
Basal laminas and epithelia.
Elastic fibers and proteoglycans.
Collagen synthesis, genetic diseases, and scurvy.
The zincins: collagen fiber processing and degradation.
Biological mineralization.
Bone remodeling and calcium metabolism.
Blood coagulation.
Chronic periodontitis.
Aggressive periodontitis.
Dental caries.
Fluoride. Over the last 20 years, biochemistry and molecular biology have undergone a revolution that has affected our understanding of the oral cavity. Topics in Dental Biochemistry is primarily designed for students of dentistry who need to relate biochemistry and molecular biology to dentally related topics in physiology, nutrition, anatomy, histology, microbiology, and immunology. The book will also be of value for dental professionals, scientists, and practitioners of medicine who are interested in hard and soft tissue structure and disease. It provides the necessary basic scientific background for.