Table of Contents

Neurophysiological models, psychological models, and treatments for tinnitus / Richard S. Tyler.
Tinnitus self-treatment / Daiv I. Sizer and Robert R.A. Coles.
Internet-based self-help treatment of tinnitus / Gerhard Andersson and Viktor Kaldo.
Treating tinnitus in patients with otologic conditions / David M. Baguley, Catriona A. Williamson, and David A. Moffat.
Lifestyle changes for tinnitus self-management / Robert L. Folmer ... [et al.].
Tinnitus habituation therapy / Richard S. Hallam and Laurence McKenna.
Tinnitus-related insomnia treatment / Laurence McKenna and H. Clare Daniel.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy with applied relaxation / Gerhard Andersson and Viktor Kaldo.
Tinnitus activities treatment / Richard S. Tyler ... [et al.].
Tinnitus retraining therapy / Grazyna M. Bartnik and Henryk Skarżyński.
Music and the acoustic desensitization protocol for tinnitus / Paul B. Davis.
Hearing aids and tinnitus / Grant D. Searchfield.
Tinnitus sound therapies / Robert L. Folmer ... [et al.].
Incorporating group and individual sessions into a tinnitus management clinic / Craig W. Newman and Sharon A. Sandridge.
Tinnitus person-centered therapy / Anne-Mette Mohr and Uno Hedelund.
Scary monsters and waterfalls: tinnitus narrative therapy for children / Rosie C. Kentish And Susan R. Crocker.