Table of Contents

Historical background.
Anatomy and physiology.
Biochemical investigations.
Other investigations.
Clinical investigation of the thyroid.
Iodine and the thyroid gland in health and sickness.
Autoimmunity and the thyroid gland.
Growth regulation of the thyroid gland.
Thyroiditis and pathogenesis.
Causes of hypothyroidism.
Symptoms of hypothyroidism.
Treatment of hypothyroidism.
Subclinical hypothyroidism.
Myxedema coma.
Causes of thyrotoxicosis: an overview.
Symptoms of thyrotoxicosis.
Hyperthyroidism treatment options: an overview.
Graves' disease.
Thyroid-assisted ophthalmopathy.
Autonomous adenoma.
Toxic multinodular goitre.
Subclinical (mild) thyrotoxicosis.
Thyrotoxicosis in the elderly.
Thyrotoxic crisis/thyroid storm.
Thyroiditis: clinical aspects.
Subacute thyroiditis (de Quervain's disease/giant-cell thyroiditis).
Other causes of thyrotoxicosis.
Nontoxic goitre.
Thyroid lumps.
Thyroid cancer.
The thyroid and pregnancy.
Thyroid disease in adolescents.
Medicines and other medical preparations.
Thyroid hormone resistance. This book is a comprehensive guide to the assessment and management of adults with thyroid disorders in daily clinical practice. All important aspects and disorders are considered. Relevant information on basic anatomy, embryology, immunology, and physiology is included to provide a better basis for understanding the development of disease and its diagnosis and treatment. Currently available biochemical tests and other specific diagnostic tools are also considered in detail. The various common thyroid disorders are then discussed in a series of individual chapters that focus on etiology, patho.