Table of Contents

Foreword by Ralph McInerney.
General Introduction.
Practical Wisdom (Prudence).
Practical Wisdom Itself.
Question 47: The Virtue of Practical Wisdom.
Article 1: Is prudence in the faculty of reason?.
Article 4: Is practical wisdom a virtue?.
Article 6: Does practical wisdom appoint the end to moral virtues?.
Article 13: Can practical wisdom be in sinners?.
Article 14: Is practical wisdom in all who have grace?.
Article 15: Is practical wisdom in us by nature?.
Parts of Practical Wisdom.
Question 48: The Parts of Practical Wisdom.
Article 1: Is practical wisdom fittingly divided into three parts?.
Question 49: Quasi-Integral Parts of Practical Wisdom.
Article 3: Is teachableness a part of practical wisdom?.
Article 6: Is foresight a part of practical wisdom?.
Gift of Practical Wisdom.
Question 52: The Gift of Counsel.
Article 1: Should counsel be considered among the gifts of the Holy Spirit?.
Vices Contrary to Practical Wisdom.
Question 53: Imprudence.
Article 1: Is imprudence a sin?.
Article 5: Is inconstancy [lack of persistance] a vice against practical wisdom?.
Question 55: Counterfeit Practical Wisdom.
Article 1: Is prudence of the flesh a sin?.
Article 2: Is prudence of the flesh a mortal sin?.
Article 3: Is craftiness a special sin?.
Article 6: Is anxious care about temporal things contrary to prudence?.
Precepts Relating to Practical Wisdom.
Question 56: The Precepts Concerning Practical Wisdom.
Article 1: Should the Ten Commandments have included a precept of practical wisdom?.
Justice Itself.
Question 57: What is Right.
Article 1: Is right the object of justice?.
Article 2: Is right fittingly divided into natural right and positive right?.
Question 58: Justice. Article 1: Is justice fittingly defined as being the perpetual and constant will to render to each one his right?.
Article 3: Is justice a virtue?.
Article 8: Does particular justice have a special matter?.
Article 9: Is justice about the passions?.
Article 11: Is the act of justice to render to each one his own?.
Article 12: Is justice the foremost among all moral virtues?.
Question 59: Injustice.
Article 2: Is a person unjust through doing an unjust thing?.
Article 4: Does anyone who does an unjust act sin mortally?.
Question 60: Judgment.
Article 2: Is it moral to judge people?.
Article 4: Should doubts be interpreted for the best?.
Parts of Justice.
Question 61: The Parts of Justice.
Article 1: Is justice suitably divided into commutative justice and distributive justice?.
Question 62: Restitution.
Article 5: Must restitution always be made to the person from whom a thing has been taken?.
Vices Contrary to Commutative Justice in Deeds.
Question 64: Murder.
Article 1: Is it immoral to kill any living thing?.
Article 2: Is capital punishment moral?.
Article 5: Is suicide moral?.
Article 6: Is it moral to kill the innocent?.
Article 7: Is it moral to kill a person in self-defense?.
Article 8: Is one guilty of murder through killing someone by chance?.
Question 65: Injuries Committed against a Person.
Article 3: Is it moral to imprison a man?.
Question 66: Theft and Justice.
Article 2: Is private property moral?.
Article 5: Is theft always a sin?.
Article 6: Is theft a mortal sin?.
Article 7: Is it moral to steal through stress of need?.
Vices Contrary to Commutative Justice in Speech in Juridical Cases.
Question 70: Injustice with Regard to the Person of the Witness.
Article 4: Is it always a mortal sin to give false evidence?. Question 71: Injustice in Judgment on the Part of Counsel.
Article 3: Does a lawyer sin by defending an unjust cause?.
Vices Contrary to Commutative Justice in Speech in Non-Juridical Cases.
Question 73: Backbiting.
Article 2: Is it a mortal sin to speak ill of absent persons in order to undermine their reputation?.
Vices Contrary to Commutative Justice in Economic Matters.
Question 78: Usury.
Article 1: Is it a sin to take usury for money lent?.
Quasi-Integral Parts of Justice and Connected Virtues.
Question 79: The Quasi-Integral Parts of Justice.
Article 3: Is omission a special sin?.
Article 4: Is a sin of omission worse than a sin of commission?.
Justice Toward God: The Virtue of Religion.
Question 81: Religion.
Article 1: Does religion direct man to God alone?.
Article 2: Is religion a virtue?.
Article 3: Is religion one virtue?.
Article 4: Is religion a special virtue, distinct from the others?.
Article 5: Is Religion a theological virtue?.
Article 6: Should religion be preferred to the other moral virtues?.
Question 83: Prayer.
Article 2: Does it make sense to pray?.
Article 3: Is prayer an act of religion?.
Article 4: Should we pray to God alone?.
Article 6: Should we ask God for temporal things when we pray?.
Article 8: Should we pray for our enemies?.
Question 85: Sacrifices.
Article 1: Is offering a sacrifice to God part of the law of nature?.
Question 92: Superstition.
Article 1: Is superstition a vice contrary to religion?.
Other Connected Virtues.
Question 101: Piety.
Article 1: Does piety extend to particular human individuals?.
Question 104: Obedience.
Article 4: Should God be obeyed in all things?.
Article 5: Are subjects bound to obey their superiors in all things?.
Question 105: Disobedience.
Article 2: Is disobedience the most serious of sins?. Question 106: Thankfulness.
Article 1: Is thankfulness a special virtue, distinct from other virtues?.
Question 107: Ingratitude.
Article 1: Is ingratitude always a sin?.
Article 2: Is ingratitude a special sin?.
Article 4: Should favors be withheld from the ungrateful?.
Question 108: Vengeance.
Article 1: Is vengeance permissible?.
Question 110: Lying.
Article 1: Is every lie a sin?.
Article 4: Is every lie a mortal sin?.
Of Vices Opposed to Liberality.
Question 118: Greed.
Article 5: Is greed the greatest of sins?.
Precepts Connected to Justice.
Question 122: The Precepts of Justice.
Article 1: Are the precepts of the Ten Commandments precepts of justice?.
Article 6: Are the other six precepts of the Ten Commandments fittingly expressed?.
Courage (Fortitude).
Courage Itself.
Question 123: Courage.
Article 1: Is courage a virtue?.
Article 5: Is courage properly about dangers of death in battle?.
Article 10: Does the brave person make use of anger in his action?.
Article 11: Is courage a cardinal virtue?.
Article 12: Is courage the greatest of virtues?.
Question 124: Martyrdom.
Article 1: Is martyrdom an act of virtue?.
Article 5: Is faith alone the cause of martyrdom?.
Vices Opposed to Courage.
Question 125: Fear.
Article 1: Is fear a sin?.
Article 2: Is the sin of fear contrary to courage?.
Article 4: Does fear excuse from sin?.
Question 126: Fearlessness.
Article 1: Is fearlessness a sin?.
Article 2: Is fearlessness opposed to courage?.
Parts of Courage.
Question 129: Magnanimity.
Article 3: Is magnanimity a virtue?.
Question 130: Presumption.
Article 1: Is presumption a sin?.
Question 131: Ambition.
Article 1: Is ambition a sin?.
Question 132: Vainglory. Article 5: Are the consequences of vainglory disobedience, boastfulness, hypocrisy, contention, obstinacy, discord, and love of novelties?.
Question 133: Pusillanimity (Faintheartedness).
Article 1: Is pusillanimity (faintheartedness) a sin?.
Question 136: Patience.
Article 1: Is patience a virtue?.
Article 3: Is it possible to have patience without grace?.
The Gift of Courage.
Question 139: The Gift of Courage.
Article 1: Is courage a gift?.
Temperance Itself.
Question 141: Temperance.
Article 1: Is temperance a virtue?.
Article 3: Is temperance only about desires and pleasures?.
Article 4: Is temperance only about desires and pleasures of touch?.
Article 7: Is temperance a cardinal virtue?.
Article 8: Is temperance the greatest of the virtues?.
Question 142: The Vices Opposed to Temperance.
Article 1: Is insensibility a vice?.
Article 3: Is cowardice worse than intemperance?.
Subjective Parts of Temperance.
Question 147: Fasting from Food.
Article 1: Is fasting a virtue?.
Article 3: Is fasting a matter of obligation?.
Question 148: Gluttony.
Article 1: Is gluttony a sin?.
Article 4: Are the kinds of gluttony fittingly distinguished?.
Article 5: Is gluttony a capital vice?.
Question 149: Sobriety.
Article 3: Is it always wrong to drink wine?.
Question 150: Drunkenness.
Article 1: Is it wrong to get drunk?.
Article 2: Is drunkenness a mortal sin?.
Article 4: Does drunkenness excuse from sin?.
Question 151: Chastity.
Article 1: Is chastity a virtue?.
Article 2: Is chastity a general virtue?.
Question 152: Virginity.
Article 2: Is it wrong to remain a virgin?.
Article 3: Is virginity a virtue?.
Article 4: Is virginity more excellent than marriage?.
Question 153: Lust.
Article 2: Is every sexual act a sin?. Article 3: Is the lust that is brought about by sexual acts a sin?.