Table of Contents

Third language acquisition.
Pragmatic competence and foreign language learning.
The sociolinguistic context: language learning and use in the Valencian community.
The method.
The role of pragmatic instruction in developing foreign language learners' pragmatic competence.
Effects of proficiency-level on pragmatic production.
The effects of the task on pragmatic production.
The role of bilingualism in meta-pragmatic awareness.
Pragmatic production and awareness of third language learners. The book aims to provide a bridge between two applied linguistics subfields, namely those of interlanguage pragmatics and third language acquisition. It examines the production and identification of request acts formulas on the part of bilingual learners of English in the Valencian Community (Spain). Previous to the empirical study itself, we present an overview of the theoretical background and the sociolinguistic context where the experiment was conducted.