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Preliminaries; Contents; 1 Introduction; 2 Retort technology; 3 Continuous heat processing; 4 Pressure and temperature measurement in food process control; 5 Validation of heat processes; 6 Modelling and simulation of thermal processes; 7 Modelling particular thermal technologies; 8 Thermal processing and food quality analysis and control; 9 Radio frequency heating; 10 Microwave processing; 11 Infrared heating; 12 Instant and high heat infusion; 13 Ohmic heating; 14 Combined high pressure thermal treatment of foods; Index;. Thermal technologies have long been at the heart of food processing. The application of heat is both an important method of preserving foods and a means of developing texture, flavour and colour. An essential issue for food manufacturers is the effective application of thermal technologies to achieve these objectives without damaging other desirable sensory and nutritional qualities in a food product. Edited by a leading authority in the field, and with a distinguished international team of contributors, Thermal technologies in food processing addresses this major issue. It provides food manuf.